Smartphones and the advent of mobile applications have allowed a 360-degree connection with customers. You have numerous gaming, business, and entertainment applications and they are growing by the day. A mobile strategy is not a luxury but an integral part of product offering – and if you can mix your web strategy with the mobile – nothing better.

We know what it takes to work on iOS and Android applications. We have delivered several applications which are already on the App stores already.

We at Quexsolutions, are a team of talented and innovative techies endowed with the capacity to build applications for the most popular communicative device of today’s age – the iPhone. Defying all precincts to brilliance, we not only develop customized iPhone applications to suit your needs, but we also extend our expertise towards the development of SDK that builds a platform for a wonderful range of advanced technologies.

You get:

  • A clutter-free design- which allows for great usable application which hits the sweet spots for the users.
  • Standard compliant code, that is clean and semantic so that applications perform the way you want them to.

With QuexSolutions

An application’s success depends upon its ease of use, interactivity with the user, and innovativeness. You will find that with us the application, its enhancements, add-ons, plug-ins, integration of inbuilt features with OS architecture is very uniquely done and cater to the right set of people.

As for the technical aspects, we elegantly use an objective C programming language with a COCOA (object-oriented application program for the Mac OS X operating system). We also incorporate XHTML, DHTML, AJAX, and CSS technologies for mobile application developments as well as our expertise in Graphics design (2D and 3D). Our Project Managers for Mobile Applications Development can be contacted to know more.

We have a dedicated team of iPhone SDK developers who can be hired on an FTE or project basis. They can be consulted as per need through the contact us link. Avail of a free consultation with us. We will engage in a composite discussion with you and enable you to get the best services from us.