Proactive Server Management

We manage servers, so you don’t have to

Why do you need server management service?


Focus on running your business, not your servers. We manage the daily backups, security, and updates on your servers. We will manage servers 24/7 and free your staff to work on your priorities, leave the technical fuzz to us and focus on sales/billing.


Benefit from 24/7 server management for significantly less than it costs to hire a part-time system administrator. Avoid long term financial commitments with our month-to-month service agreements.


Leverage new technologies faster by using our proven blueprints and expertise. Your team needs to focus on your business, not server technology. Leave the servers to us and let your team do what they do best.

How we work with you?

Our clients are our partners. When you grow, we grow. Some of our clients have been with us since 2006. Why? They trust us to be on their team.


Our team works with yours to understand the server management challenges you are facing. Whether it is one of our simple monthly plans or a customized solution, we are here to design the right server management solution for you.


We cannot fix a problem if we do not know about it, so we begin with a comprehensive server review. The review includes server health and security checks, service utilization, and more.


We keep your operations running smoothly with system monitoring, automated backups, and security checks. If there are any issues, our team opens a ticket, notifying you that we are fixing the problem.


In the first few weeks of using our service, we always find ways to optimize your system — even if you had it managed by another company. Our team looks for ways to continually improve performance, security, and reliability.

What's included?

From one-time services to ongoing support, we offer clearly defined services with flat-rate pricing. We keep you informed so you can keep your team and customers informed.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support. We guarantee a one hour response time for critical, service impacting events. We back this with a 100% money-back Service Level Agreement.

System Updates

Keeping your system updated is a crucial component of successful operations. We use an automated system update solution that both maintains and monitors your OS for essential updates. No need to ask us to update your server — we keep it updated for you.

Configuration Management

We help identify the fastest hosting stack compatible with your application. Apache or Nginx? MariaDB or MySQL? Our team can help you find the fastest stack for your application.

Security Audits

Don’t let hackers keep knocking on your door. Our team managed your firewall, IPS, and IDS systems to block malicious traffic. We use a variety of tools to filter traffic based on attack target, bot name, or country of origin. The multi-level approach helps keep hackers out of your servers.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of over a dozen server and site health metrics means we can quickly spot and resolve issues.

15 Minute Response Times

Our typical response time to a service impacting issue or critical ticket is 15′ minutes. Frequently, we are already working on an issue before you even notice. We provide a 1 hour response time guarantee.

Backup & Recovery

All server management plans include backup and recovery options. We use R1soft’s CDP enterprise server or native cloud backup solutions to keep your data safe. We include daily backups and multiple retention schedules to fit your needs.


Not all server problems are easily categorized. We include troubleshooting services in every plan. Just open a ticket, and we get to work investigating the issues.

Performance Diagnostics

Is your site slow? Just ask our team for a performance audit. We can pinpoint the bottlenecks, allowing you to fix performance issues quickly. We are expert in boosting scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS scripts.

Advanced Security Services

Optional security audits provide ongoing monitoring of your hosting operations. We offer server and application audits using a variety of security tools.

Why choose QuexSolutions?

From one-time services to ongoing support, we offer clearly defined services with flat-rate pricing $150/month. We keep you informed so you can keep your team and customers informed.


We’ve seen it all. The demise of Ensim the rise of the AWS. Since 2001, we’ve been designing, deploying, and managing hosting solutions. While technology has changed, our commitment to our customers has not.


Some customers have been with us for over a decade. Through multiple dedicated servers, cloud migrations, and more, these customers trust us to steer them in the right direction when it comes to IT infrastructure choices.


When you need us – we are here. We handle most critical issues in 10 minutes or less with a 1-hour guarantee. We are staffed 24/7 and use automation and monitoring to keep our customer’s systems running smoothly.

Managed Services

Managing a server is time-consuming. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, that is the time you could use to focus on your business. Leave your server management to us, and use that time to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Promo: For a limited time, we offer a FREE DirectAdmin license included with our server management service.

We support cPanel, DirectAdmin and ISPConfig. We recommend DirectAdmin.

Yes. We can install cPanel, DirectAdmin and ISPConfig and set it up for you. We can also install any software you wish to have in your server as long as it does not interfere with the control panel setup.

Sure. We can help you fix server problems involving software or security issues.

Yes. With our own RBL system and spam configuration setup, your server will be spam free 99%.

We optimize your server from kernel level to software like Apache, PHP, MariaDB, FTP, Exim, etc. We also setup OPCache, Memcache, Redis, APCu and many more depending on your requirements. Our standard optimization is great for CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, etc.

Yes, we do.

With our own modsecurity rules setup, your sites will be protected from hacking attempt.

Yes. With our own monitoring system as well as multiple external monitoring systems, it will SMS us if your server is down. We also do a monthly check-up and make sure your software is updated including the kernel. We are here 24/7 if you need us.

Yes, we do. When you submit a ticket for down servers or services, our system will SMS us and we will be on it in less than 15 mins.

Yes. When you first sign up, we can provide free migration from your old server. We can also restore accounts in the future for your new clients.

You can email us at [email protected] or by visiting our client area here and submit a ticket.