Website Development

More often than not, our customer has a good idea of the problem, but may not know how to develop a solution. Our experience of working with industry leaders in the development of their systems has given QuexSolutions valuable insight into the possibilities for solving business challenges by applying Internet technologies. It has also given us the opportunity to experience the advantages and shortcomings of each of the possible solutions.

We offer professional PHP & MySql web development services that will save you money. PHP/MySQL is the most influential scripting language currently, get it professionally developed by us

If you are searching for successful Web Application Developers who are both technically savvy and experienced, then PHP-MySQL Development at QuexSolutions technologies can give you solutions for your necessities. PHP is a standout amongst the most extensively utilized scripting dialect and has gotten one of the major players on Web Development for the sort of choices it gives. PHP and Mysql is open source and therefore have numerous profits like it having a gigantic supporting community.

A large portion of our specially crafted website solutions and requirements are implemented by utilizing PHP. Assuming that your objective is to advance high caliber PHP and MySQL-based network provisions in a savvy manner with value work – your hunt might be over with us. Our Web crew of greatly skilled PHP masters with numerous years of customizing interactions can help to build your dream web software in a few weeks. The outcome is fast and solid. We have advanced solutions like eCommerce, Online Accounting Software, Social network Community like Web Portal which has the qualities such as Chat, Bulletin Board, Webmail, Web Calendar and Discussion Forum dependent upon PHP and MySQL engineering schema.

We moreover deal an Offshore Development model for global customers, PHP, MYSQL are identified infrastructure as our PHP Programmers and other UI, Server/network experts group has more than a decade experience in PHP MySQL Programming. Our programmers offer powerful PHP MySQL Services to all our customers anywhere in the globe. The crew of PHP MySQL Developers offers Custom PHP MySQL Development to customers at a moderate rate without bargaining value. Our PHP MySQL Developers give PHP MySQL Development Customization according to customers’ necessities.

Profits of PHP MySql Development

  • Compatibility to all leading server OS
  • Choose any Web Hosting provider
  • All Database compatible
  • 100% remote configured
  • Quick and simple infrastructure
  • A perfect for scalable network infrastructure
  • Multi-lingual support

PHP MySQL growth is on the high mandate in the business since a resource with the qualities of PHP and MySQL is clearly setting off to be gainful for you. Our skilled PHP MySQL developers give you a range of focal points. By picking us as your PHP/MySQL associate, you get:

  • Thoroughly modified and decently arranged and quite intuitive resources
  • Net requisitions that capacity opposite distinctive OS
  • Network provisions with multilingual and database underpin
  • Modified net requisitions for OS and network browser of your decision
  • PHP MySQL net improvement fixes at reasonable rates

QuexSolutions has in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Web Content Management Solutions. Be it a highly interactive custom-built CMS for a brand website; a simple and user-friendly CMS for a self-managed portal; or an enterprise-wide content management system, our content management offerings cover services and solutions for each requirement.

Our CMS solutions include:

  • Dynamic template integrations
  • Access control
  • Content maintenance features
  • Rich media management
  • Document & File Management
  • Social media integration
  • Internationalisation and Localisation
  • Workflow Management and Audit Trail for Content Publishing
  • Content collaboration
  • Content aggregation
  • Content syndication
  • Content versioning
  • Wizards for creating dynamic database oriented forms
  • Accessibility features
  • Scalability for future upgrades

Platforms & Technologies

QuexSolutions has deployed large scale Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) using:

  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
  • Liferay Portal

We also have extensive experience developing dynamic and scalable web content management systems over:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • dotCMS
  • DotNetNuke
  • OpenCMS
  • Expression Engine
  • Typo3
  • WordPress

The Benefit to Clients

Through the Content Management practice, QuexSolutions creates enterprise-grade web content management solutions and deploys them as large-scale platforms for a wide range of industries. Enterprises need dynamic features that allow for content authoring, editing, and approval workflows. With the content management solutions we deploy, we ensure that businesses can deliver formally curated content with all checks and balances in place. In addition to facilitating content aggregation, collaboration, and syndication, our solutions also integrate version control, which helps editors easily revert to any previously saved versions.

QuexSolutions specializes in developing, integrating, and deploying consumer-facing web as well as bespoke enterprise-grade solutions. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC), PennyWise delivers best-in-class digital solutions.

Some examples of our bespoke application development capabilities include the following:

Custom Web Applications:

We have delivered custom web and enterprise applications for various industries such as insurance, telecommunications, online advertising, logistics, and travel by utilizing some of the most popular software technologies viz. Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, and Ruby-on-Rails.

Online Commerce & Enterprise e-Commerce Applications:

Our scalable and secure commerce solutions leverage leading e-Commerce platforms and help businesses manage every facet of an online sales process including product catalogs; customized back-end order fulfillment processes; inventory management; payment integration; logistics integration; and on-site and off-site promotions.

Content Management Solutions:

We have deployed enterprise-grade intranets as well as large-scale websites using content management technologies such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Liferay, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Typo3, and DotNetNuke. [more info]

QuexSolutions helps clients to customize open source applications to meet their objectives. With our thorough knowledge of popular and widely used open-source platforms, we help to choose the best open source application that best fits the client’s needs. For clients, the development costs will be much lesser when compared to licensed technologies.

Advantages of using Open source applications

  • Development cost reduced by over 60% and time by 40%
  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
  • The software comes with rights to modify
  • Flexibility to customize for specific needs
  • Availability of great community support from the Internet

Open Source expertise includes

  • Content Management System (Joomla, WordPress, CMS made simple, Drupal and many more)
  • Ecommerce Solution (Magento, Tomatocart, Open Cart, oscommerce, zencart, etc.)
  • Blogging Software (WordPress etc.)
  • eLearning Management System (Moodle etc.)
  • Customer Relationship Management, CRM (Sugar CRM, vTiger)
  • Framework (YII, Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Web Servers and Web Applications (Apache)
  • Database Management Systems (MySQL)

Open Source Services we offer

  • Open Source customization
  • Migration to other platforms
  • GUI Design integration
  • New features development
  • Training, Maintenance, and Support

ERP frameworks have become popular with most organizations embracing them to run if not all, the greater part of their pivotal workflows effectively. Given that no two organizations are the same in their methods, business objectives, or lifelong objectives, each ERP execution is special. Off-the-rack ERP frameworks seldom meet group necessities and most conglomerations invest huge sums of time and assets, regularly accumulating exorbitant advisors, in altering the aforementioned behemoths before they can even start to utilize them.

Gaining practical experience in ERP results, QuexSolutions aim to lessen the time, undertaking, and torment that goes into ERP executions by:

  • Advancing and computerizing business forms
  • Improving convention ERP results to meet particular client prerequisites that could be put to utilize snappier
  • Achieving, modifying, and coordinating off-the-rack open origin and business ERP results swiftly and require viably
  • Furnishing on-reason and mist-based usage choices

Why ERP from QuexSolutions?

  • Profound realm information
  • Impressive execution experience
  • Masters in retail ERP
  • An elevated amount of customization
  • Faster turnaround

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM is not only the provision of engineering, yet is a method to study more about clients’ necessities and behaviors to improve stronger associations with them. CRM results have converted the bargains cycle of both customary and new-age commercial enterprises. Not just do CRM results upgrade lead era change, however, they are likewise an incredible apparatus for client procurement and maintenance.

QuexSolutions CRM aids incorporate the emulating:

  • Custom outline, structural engineering, and growth of CRM frameworks
  • Usage and customization of off-the-rack CRM results
  • Client profiling
  • CRM upgrades – dashboard, reporting, bargains process enhancement, and whatnot
    Coordination with other endeavor frameworks
  • Fog-built and in light of-reason usage alternatives
  • SMS coordination.

At QuexSolutions we provide

  • Snappy and practical infrastructure/usage
  • The result that might be tweaked to suit your particular prerequisites
  • Raised-in industry best practices to enable your bargains crew

Need to customize Customer Relationship Management?

QuexSolutions has implemented open source & Enterprise CRM customization solutions to a number of small and mid-sized organizations. To get the CRM to work effectively, two things are important – the CRM system and the development team who would customize and maintain your system.

QuexSolutions is a leading CRM implementation, CRM customization, and CRM up-gradation company that can be your perfect development team to maintain your CRM system. QuexSolutions has in-depth knowledge of Online CRMs and Self Hosted CRMs implementation services.

CRM development

Our expert Offshore Custom Dynamics CRM Development team has executed multiple projects in different domains. QuexSolutions Dynamics CRM Development vertical provides Dynamics CRM Development Services which utilize the existing features of Dynamics CRM, enhancing ‘Dashboards and Role’ centers and passing on the cost and time benefit to the customers. Our dedicated certified Dynamics CRM development team is vouched by our customers for our expertise, quality of work, and commitment to the business growth of our customers.

CRM Development Services and Expertise

QuexSolutions provides a wide range of services in CRM Development with our qualified and experienced CRM developers serving clients in multiple industries. Some of our CRM Development services are as below,

  • CRM Implementation
  • CRM Customisation
  • CRM Custom workflow
  • Enhancing Dashboards and Role centers
  • CRM Data migration from other systems
  • Integration of CRMs with various ERPs
  • Report Development in CRMs
  • Remote Support for CRM from Offshore
  • Dynamics CRM Maintenance and Testing
  • CRM Plug-in development
  • Development of CRM Utilities
  • Third-Party Plug-in integration in CRMs

We are working with the following CRMs

  • SugarCRM
  • vTigerCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics

We develop best and most challenging Ruby-on-Rails based solutions, with a good team of RoR developers we are serving customers around the globe with our value aid. Assuming that you are searching for a snappy and simple team to convert your thought into an utilitarian model, Evince is setting off to be your best Ruby-on-Rails development partner.

Over the years, we have represented in the corner realm of Ruby-on-Rails. Our Center of Excellence and ability in programming advancement have made us the leading Ruby-on-Rails developers.

Our committed RoR developers have surprised our clients by making answers that are creative, extremely sharp, and vanguard in nature. We outline explanations stuffed with extraordinary new headlines, burdens of fixes, and imaginative pizazz. Our developers work with most recent improvement devices, RadRail, Rails Framework 1.1.6, 2.x, SVN Client – Tortoise SVN, DBMS Clients and Capistrano.

The supportability and nature of our solutions are precisely tried in a trying nature that accommodates split server for the arrangement of demo or test adaptations, and a group of encountered builds to help on connectivity and framework identified issues. Our infrastructure practices are further portrayed by adherence to solid coding models and decently laid out the alternate course of actions such as planned reinforcements.

Riding heightened on their abilities, ability, and framework help, the Evince developers are dedicated to advance explanations tailored to help.

Our vision is to guarantee customers satisfaction by developing end-to-end Ruby-on-Rails solutions.

The lack of support for Adobe Flash on today’s mainstream mobile operating systems has fuelled the rise of HTML5 powered websites to new heights. With HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, developers can create feature-rich applications that are based on open standards and supported across platforms. As popular versions of major browsers are inconsistent in their support of the HTML5 standard, it behooves HTML5 experts to be aware of the nuances in browser compatibility.

Our HTML5 production capabilities include:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 website design
  • HTML5 UI prototyping & production
  • Responsive web design
  • Flash to HTML5 migration
  • Hybrid application development for mobile

The Benefit to Clients

Through our HTML5 production capabilities, we offer businesses the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective multi-platform development
  • Responsive web designs that repurpose the layout according to screen dimensions
  • Better search engine optimization as HTML5 elements can be indexed more thoroughly by search engine crawlers
  • Support for offline applications through local storage of web application code and content
  • More beautiful and user-friendly interfaces

We regularly get opportunities to make really exciting and interactive web pages using jQuery. Working on these projects we have gained a greater understanding of jQuery and what it could be used for. The benefits of using jQuery over other applications such as conventional JavaScript is immense. Basically, you can do almost anything with jQuery to make effects and animation on your site and still be SEO-friendly and cross-browser compliant. But those aren’t the only benefits.

What is jQuery?

“jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.”

Benefits of using jQuery:

  • Save Time – Five lines of jQuery are equivalent to 25 lines of conventional JavaScript code. This means smaller files and faster loading web pages.
  • Plug-ins – There is an abundance of plug-ins on the web that make creating special effects simple and fast for web developers.
  • Community Support? – With an abundance of plug-ins comes an abundance of support. There is a large helpful support community on the web to help you quickly remedy any bug issues.
  • Easy implementation! – jQuery has an easy implementation for web developers in comparison to other applications.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility – jQuery is currently the most popular JavaScript library and works in all browsers.
  • Open Source – Free, open-source software.
  • Mobile Devices – jQuery is supported by any mobile device whose web browser supports JavaScript. A lot of mobile devices like iPads and iPhones don’t run Flash at all.
  • Simplifies AJAX
  • Wow, Factor – Web developers use jQuery to make web pages more exciting, interactive, cleaner, and more user-friendly. Make your users go WOW!
  • Search Engine Optimized – While search engines are getting better at being able to read the content within some Flash, everything within jQuery is setup as text. This means it is completely readable to all the search engines, exposing all your keyword-rich content.