Run your Cloud Smarter

Cloud Support Services

Need help with your cloud services? Get quick but thorough help with our one-time support packages. Whether you’re facing a technical challenge or just need an extra hand, our team can help you maximize your cloud investment.


Already using the cloud? Ready to move? Our cloud management expertise allows you to lower risks, reduced costs, and maximum performance for your business. We can help you identify and deploy the right cloud services for your business.


Cloud migrations can be complicated. Let our experienced engineers help you avoid common pitfalls. Our experts will make sure your move is quick, smooth, easy and done with minimal service interruption.


Need help setting up your cloud infrastructure? We have many blueprints for deploying applications into the cloud. Stay focused on your business while our experienced engineers manage the deployment for you.


Our cloud security assessments can help you assure your cloud is safe. From security audits to deploying advanced intrusions detection systems, our team can help you bolster your cloud’s defenses, keeping your data and business safe.


Don’t put your data at risk. We work with you to develop the right backup strategy for your critical assets and services. Our experienced team can help you design the right retention schedules, testing frameworks, and reports to assure your data is safe and can be restored easily.


While very scalable, sometimes cloud services do not perform the way you expect. Scaling up is very easy but costly. We can help you right-size your instances by pinpointing the performance bottleneck. By sizing right, so you can save money.

Working with us is easy!

From one-time services to ongoing support, we offer clearly defined services with flat-rate pricing. We keep you informed so you can keep your team and customers informed.

Let's Talk

If we don’t understand the problem, we cannot fix the problem. So we may have a question or few to recommend the right service.

Pick A Package

We recommend a support package based on our conversation. If you are ready to proceed, send us your server details and payment.

Work Begins

We get to work on your issues. Most work starts the same or next business day. We send progress updates and questions via our online helpdesk.

Problem Fixed

Every support package has a clear goal. When we completely reach this goal, we send you a summary report. If you have any questions about our case, let us know; otherwise, thanks for using QuexSolutions services.