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Last updated on 15 July 2017



All services provided by QuexSolutions may only be used for lawful purposes only. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, pornography or material protected by trade secret and other statute. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless QuexSolutions from any claims resulting from the use of the service that damages the subscriber or any other party.

Examples of unacceptable content or links:

  • Pirated Software
  • Warezs sites
  • IRC Bots
  • Hate Sites
  • Hack Programs and archives
  • Copyrighted Materials

QuexSolutions will act as the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of these conditions. QuexSolutions will fully co-operate with the law enforcement in dealing with unlawful activities performed on our network.

Price Change

QuexSolutions reserve the right to change the price of any services at any time. Contract pricing customers will not be affected by any price change throughout the contract period.

Hardware Maintenance

QuexSolutions is responsible for Hardware failure in our server. We will replace your malfunctioning hardware as soon as possible. Custom hardware replacement may take longer to replace.

Customer/Technical Support

We encourage you to contact our technical support team through email and our helpdesk. That’s the fastest and easiest way to contact our technical team. Phone support is also available during standard business hours.

CGI Scripts

You have full access to cgi bin. However, we reserve the right to audit the content of your script to ensure no hacking or any kind of security issues are compromised that may cause harm to QuexSolutions Network.


As the servers are connected to the Internet constantly, the content in the servers are exposed to hacker’s attacks, viruses and other adverse effects. For these and many other reasons customer may loose the whole content of his/her server(s). We back-up our servers on a daily basis using R1Soft. QuexSolutions will not be liable for lost data even if backups were created.

Bandwidth/Traffic Usage

All plans have a set allotment of Bandwidth available for use. Any bandwidth usage that is over the the limit of the monthly allotment will be charged according to the terms that is set forth in the order form. Unused bandwidth may not be carried over to the following month.

Server Abuse

Any customers found to abuse our servers will have their account immediately suspended. Any account that excessively uses the server resources may be temporarily stopped in order to provide optimal server resources for other users. If an account is found to be affecting server performance at a continued duration of time, it may be disabled. We recommend moving such sites to a dedicated hosting solution.


QuexSolutions guarantee 99% uptime. We will do everything we can to provide the best uptime within our capabilities. Customers are thus advised that their service may be down (cease functioning) for many reasons. We highly recommend that customers purchase our enterprise hosting solution if they have critical applications that cannot tolerate any down-time. QuexSolutions does not guarantee minimal downtime, nor will be responsible for any damages/losses caused by the server being down.

Network Security

Violation of Network System such as, but not limited to unauthorized access, trying to breach the network security is prohibited. Anytime a security breach is detected, the involved Server will be immediately shut down. and our technicians will immediately investigate the situation.

Billing Information Updates

Customers are responsible for updating their information. That is, billing info, address change, credit card change, etc.

Recurring Billing

We will only send out invoices and monthly statements by request. A small fee might apply for monthly invoice. We will send e-mail when we have successfully billed your credit card. All credit cards are billed automatically every month. If for any reason your credit card charges are denied, we will notify you of the denied charges. It is the customer’s duty to ensure that their credit card information is up-to-date and it good standing. Any accounts that is past due after 30 days will be deactivated.


Customer agrees to pay according to what has been ordered via order form submission.


All fees are due in advance. We will not activate any account that is not yet paid in advance.

Payment Methods

QuexSolutions accepts Visa, MasterCard, Checks, Money Order, Skrill, PayPal (Preferred) and International Money Order.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with QuexSolutions service, you may cancel your account at anytime by emailing to [email protected] There is no reimbursement and no pro-rate if customer decides to terminate services before the end of a prepaid term, regardless of the reason for the termination. QuexSolutions can terminate this agreement at the end of a billing period. QuexSolutions will not refund the setup fee for the cancellation of any account. Cancellation of contract payments are subject to one month fee of contract agreement.

Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion.


Customer agrees that customer shall not hold QuexSolutions liable of any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages, expenses, including attorneys’ fees and court costs that arise from any judgments directly or indirectly created by the services of QuexSolutions to the customer.

Limited Liability

QuexSolutions shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages the customer’s business may suffer for any reason, even if QuexSolutions has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If a problem occurs that is within QuexSolutions control, we will issue credits based on the length of downtime according to the customer’s service plan. As the Internet is unpredictable, customers are aware that Network availability is not guaranteed to be 100%. QuexSolutions shall not be liable for any claims resulting from the corruption or deletion, of any website or data in QuexSolutions servers.

Excused Performances

QuexSolutions shall not be responsible for any delay resulting directly or indirectly from natural disaster such as fire, shortages of facilities, acts of civil or military authority, catastrophes, or any other circumstances beyond QuexSolutions reasonable control. In case this happens, the customer will have to make arrangements with QuexSolutions to defer services to a mutually agreed date and time.


All complaints will be investigated promptly. In the case that an account is being investigated, QuexSolutions reserves the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the account (s) in question. We will deactivate customer’s account (s) if QuexSolutions policies are not followed.

Please report violations to: [email protected]

Policy Change

QuexSolutions reserve the right to make changes to our Acceptable Usage Policy at any time without any notification. Changes to our Acceptable Usage Policy takes effect immediately upon being posted on our website. An email will be sent to the clients to notify them about the changes.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement supersedes all prior and current, oral or written understandings and agreements between QuexSolutions and the customer involved. Any prior statements that are not written in this agreement, even if they are promised orally or written are deemed void. Customers hereby acknowledge and will abide by all the rules set forth in this agreement.

*Termination/terminate: To fully discontinue all service (s


QuexSolutions is committed to protecting your personal information. We do not sell, distribute or give out any of our customer ‘s’ information. We understand how valuable your personal information and privacy are. Only limited personnel have access to our customer ‘s’ database. This way, you can be rest assured that any personal information that you give us, stays with us.

What kind of information does QuexSolutions collect from customers?

QuexSolutions collects the necessary information such as name, telephone number, mailing address, e-mail address, credit card information, billing information, IP address, etc. to ensure secure ordering process. We use this information to identify our customers. We use your e-mail address to notify you of any promotions and important informational updates. We also keep track of the pages that you visit in order to help us provide a more personalized browsing experience for you.

Does QuexSolutions share your information with other party?

No! Your personal information is NEVER shared with any other parties.


A cookie is a small data text file, which a Web site stores on your computer’s hard drive (if your Web browser permits) that can later be retrieved to identify you. The information we collect are gathered to ensure secure ordering process and to provide better web browsing experiences.

Will I receive any email regarding QuexSolutions product promotions?

You will receive product promotional e-mail ONLY if you want to receive them. We provide a check box in our order form that asks customer if they want to receive such e-mail. If in any case you want to unsubscribe the product promotion e-mail, you can do so by replying to our email with the subject line containing REMOVE.

How does QuexSolutions protect it’s customers information?

We highly value your data. We use 256-bit encryption technology and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in all transactions where customers’ information is involved. We keep customer’s information in a separate secure server behind our firewall. This way you never have to worry about your information being compromised. Only a limited number of customer service, sales/accounting and technical personnel have access to your information. To ensure that you have the highest protection available, please download the latest version of browser you are using.

Will QuexSolutions ever change how customers information is going to be used?

If and when QuexSolutions plan to change how customer information is going to be used, we will notify our customer by posting notice of the change in this site.

Children’s Privacy

In order for you to make transactions through our website, you need to be at least 18 years of age. However, this does not mean that we restrict our services to visitors above 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, you need to contact us either via email or phone in order to place any order. We may need your parental permissions in order to setup our services with you. QuexSolutions will be glad to guide you and get your account set up as quickly as possible.

Privacy statement contact Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to [email protected]

Policy Changes

QuexSolutions reserve the right to make changes to our policy at any time without any notification. We will notify our current customers of any privacy policy changes through e-mail or our website news update feature. Changes to policy becomes immediately effective upon being posted in this site


1.0 Billing Policy

1.1 Payment Via Credit Card

QuexSolutions accepts payment via Master Card, AMEX, Visa, Discover card, skrill and PayPal. Usage of a credit card indicates an authorization to cover all future monthly and additional fees with the credit card on file. Credit cards will be charged on the monthly anniversary date of your account activation.

1.2 Payment Via Check

For accounts paying by check, payment equivalent to the setup fee and three-month service deposit must be received at our office before the order will be processed. All invoices sent via postal mail at least 10 days before your billing date. Payments are due no later than your billing due date. Customers are responsible for paying their account even if they do not receive their invoice in the Postal Mail.

1.3 Payment Via PayPal

We do accept PayPal, and payment should only be sent to: [email protected]

2.0 Late & Non Payments

2.1 Accounts With Non-Usable Credit Cards or PayPal

Credit cards on file are non usable when any of the following occur:

  • The card has expired;
  • The card declines our charges for any reason;
  • The card is reported lost or stolen;
  • The card is declared invalid by our processing system.

If a credit card payment fails, the customer will be sent an e-mail notice with 5 business days to rectify the situation either with a new payment method or my updating the credit card. The charge will be re-attempted periodically within these 5th days with the last retry being on the 5th day. If the card still does not accept our charge and no other payment has been received by the 3rd day, the account will be suspended without exception. The customer will have the option of reactivating the account after paying the full amount of the invoice due. An additional fee of $20.00 will be assessed for reactivation. The reactivation fee is non-negotiable.

If QuexSolutions does not receive payment within 15 days of the deactivation notice, the account will be permanently cancelled. This includes the removal of ALL files that may remain. Cancelled accounts can not be reactivated with QuexSolutions until the reactivation fee is paid.

2.2 Late Checks – Non Payments

If payment has not been received by the billing date for the current period, a deactivation of an account will occur. We will keep the account de-activated for up to 72 hours. All account re-activations will be subject to a $50.00 fee. Accounts de-activated for more than 72 hours are subject to a complete cancellation.

3.0 Cancellation Policy

3.1 Requesting of a Cancellation

A cancellation will only be accepted if it is done by one of the following methods:
The customer must submit his/her virtual authorization by requesting cancellation on-line in the members section at https://my.quexsolutions.com

3.2 Result of a Cancellation

When a cancellation request is made, the technical department will immediately remove all configuration information as well as all contents of the account. QuexSolutions will remove all files. This may include unread e-mail left on QuexSolutions servers.

4.0 Refund Policy

4.1 Refunds within the First 30 Days of Cancellation

If an account is cancelled within the first 30 days of service, the customer will receive a full refund of all account fees. This 30 day policy shall include the 30th day. Any over usage fees including but not limited to additional bandwidth will not be refunded. (This is not included Dedicated/Exchanged Servers, Domain names, Dedicated IPs)

4.2 Refunds outside first 30 Days of Service

All service rendered to date will be billed and must be paid. Refunds will be issued only for unused monthly blocks of service time. Accounts established under pre-paid contracts are normally offered a discount. If cancellation of a pre-paid contract occurs before the pre-paid term expires, the discount will be voided and each month of service used will be billed at the regular monthly rate. If pre-payment funds remain after payment of the monthly rate for each month of service used, a refund will be issued.

Refunds are only valid from the date of the official cancellation request under section 3 of this policy.

5.0 Keeping Billing Records Current

5.1 Updating Your Billing

You can submit billing information changes to QuexSolutions via the members section at: https://my.quexsolutions.com; QuexSolutions is not responsible for actions that are taken as a result of customer’s failure to respond to QuexSolutions notifications.

6.0 Keeping Billing Records Current

6.1 Updating Your Billing

QuexSolutions makes it possible for customers to resell additional accounts. Customers who have a Master Reseller account with QuexSolutions, will receive a discount on all additional accounts equal to or less than the default account.

Accounts only qualify for the discount if they are applied for at the resellers members section.

6.2 Responsibility of Resellers for collecting Payments from Clients

Resellers of QuexSolutions are responsible for collecting payments from their own customers. Resellers are in turn responsible for payment directly to QuexSolutions for the full amount of their reseller bill. Resellers shall pay QuexSolutions for the services provided to Reseller by QuexSolutions regardless of Reseller’s ability to collect payment for his/her services provided to his/her customers. To assist Resellers with the collection of overdue accounts, QuexSolutions will suspend an account and then reactivate it free of charge.
“Suspended” accounts will still be billed to the Reseller unless they request a cancellation of the account.


Basically, don’t do it! If you do, your account will be closed and your activities will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

QuexSolutions monitors it accounts for spamming daily. Any customer found to be spamming, spamming defined solely by QuexSolutions, will be subject to immediate termination or suspension of services with no possibility of refund allowed and be subject to the following:

Customers shall not use QuexSolutions services to transmit unsolicited e-mail messages, including, without limitation, unsolicited bulk email , where such emails could reasonably be expected to provoke complaints (“spam”). Further, Customers are prohibited from using the service of another provider to send spam or to promote a site hosted on or connected to QuexSolutions. In addition, Customers shall not use QuexSolutions in order to (a) send e-mail messages which are excessive and/or intended to harass or annoy others, (b) continue to send e-mail messages to a recipient that has indicated that he/she does not wish to receive them, (c) send e-mail with forged TCP/IP packet header information, (d) send malicious e-mail, including, without limitation, “mailbombing”, (e) send or receive e-mail messages in a manner that violates the use policies of any other Internet service provider, or (f) use an e-mail box exclusively as a storage space for data.

In a person or entity participates in spamming, or any related activity to spamming, the Customer agrees to pay a penalty of $800 (U.S. Dollars) for each violation in addition to any damages caused to QuexSolutions and the Customer fully acknowledges and authorizes QuexSolutions to debit any credit card said amount for each violation.

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